When your team score a goal (except meaningless consolations), it’s a feeling of pure euphoria.

You leap out of your seat, fist pump to the air and can sometimes end up falling down seventeen rows, embracing a complete stranger.

But it seems like not everyone celebrates goals in the same way, as a Paraguayan football fan has proved.

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In a clip doing the rounds on social media, a female supporter can be seen snorting some cocaine in the stands – clearly overjoyed that her team has just scored.

The cameras panned to the woman and there she is, channelling her inner Tony Montana and having some Charlie.

The incredible footage has gone viral, with many led to believe it occurred during the game between Olimpia and Junior in the Copa Libertadores game last night.

However, it actually happened way back in August, but bizarrely, it seems to have been edited alongside a goal scored in said game last night.

In other mental celebration news, one NFL fan was so over the moon at Philadelphia Eagles’ victory in the Super Bowl that he decided to eat a steaming pile of horse shit. Pretty normal, right?

For the first time since 1960, the Eagles claimed the most precious prize in American Football courtesy of a 41-33 win over New England Patriots, who failed to produce another crazy comeback this time around.

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And in a video that will probably knock you sick, a fan dressed in Eagles’ colours, chomping on shite from the floor – with people cheering him on.

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