Thursday, February 22, 2018


At DTW Football we strive to be the best football website we can without all of the bull***t click bait like ALL of the other big boys, We currently have some vacancies, If you are interested please get in touch

What do we have available?

  • Social Media Marketers (You will post pictures, videos and links to our website content in a professional way that will drive traffic)
  • Writers (It’s pretty simple… You will write 🙂
  • Promoters (There are many different things you can do as a promoter, Our main one is for you to do anything you can think of to grow our social platforms
  • Video Creators/Editors (This one really is self explanatory, They must be football related)

We are always thinking of new roles to help us so if your field of expertise isn’t listed we may well have not got around to updating this page, So email us anyway

To start with the role will be unpaid until you have been with us for some time and we can then see what you have done, What you have brought to us and how much you’re worth to us (This is hopefully due to change shortly so if this puts you off email us anyway and we can discuss 🙂

To apply email us you’re relevant previous work with the job role in the subject line to


If you saw “Join us” and you’re a business wanting to join us then please visit the Advertise with us page if it’s to advertise or email for anything else

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