Knowing how much your favourite player earns is both fun and depressing. But just about every football fan loves a player audit.
It would probably be considered dangerous territory in Spain, given the constant tax fraud allegations, but players hardly have their names dragged through the mud in other leagues – they only have it dragged through cash.
France’s top division, Ligue 1, boasts some of football’s highest-paid players, as well as the most expensive. And we’ve now got the salaries of the 30 biggest earners in the division to bring to you, courtesy of Andrew Downie.
Ligue 1 Salaries

As you can see from the image above, Brazil star Neymar is the league’s best-paid player by far.

The attacker left Barcelona to join Paris Sain-Germain for a whopping £198m last summer, completing football’s biggest-ever deal to become the face of a franchise, having gotten tired of operating in Lionel Messi’s shadow.

The next seven players on the list are also from PSG, with Monaco’s Radamel Falcao breaking it up a bit lower.

Ligue 1 Salaries 2
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As revealed by this list, 12 of Ligue 1’s 13 highest-paid stars play for PSG. But it really isn’t any surprise, given the team’s financial backing and clout in the market.

Seven of them hail from Marseille, meanwhile, while five ply their trade at Monaco. Lyon also has four of the league’s highest earners in their employ.

The only player who isn’t contracted to one of the aforementioned is former Liverpool forward Mario Balotelli, who plays for OGC Nice.

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